Try to survive and destroy the enemy base.

Age of defense is an addictive tactical game.

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Build up your fort and have your cavemen defeat incoming enemy waves. Balance your strategy between building up defense structures to help protect your base and building up more offense in order to tackle the incoming enemies.

Instructions, hints and tips

Age of War sets you in a jungle where you will proceed to command your cavemen to survive. To move onto each stage in the game, you will have to collect experience points. In order to get these experience points, you will have to eliminate enemy units. You will also gain experience points when one of your men gets killed, so keep that in mind if you are a defense oriented builder.

There are different periods that you will go through. As each age moves onto the next, you will learn a new special attack that pertains to that period only. Make sure to read up on what this particular attack is, and use it wisely. You cannot repair your base and can only gain health when you move onto the next era. The mission in the end is to keep as many men alive, while building up a strong defense and seeing how many ages you can survive. Remember to change your tactics depending on the era that you are in and the current enemy units.