Your neighbors are planning to attack your cave.

Defend your base using rocks, wooden stick and some luck!

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In Age of Defense three, you must gather and assemble as many troops as you can to take part in the war that is upon your tribe.

Instructions, hints and tips

The game sports a navigation bar at the top of the page on which you can click to perform different actions. You can spawn units from here, all of which have unique abilities associated to them. You will begin with basic units; your typical fist fighting melee units that go head to head with the enemy. But as you complete each level, that is surviving the waves of enemy troops, you will gain access to new units that have different and stronger skills. You can deploy characters that have slingshots for longer range attacks, melee attackers, air units and so on. You will be able to control what troops you put out at what time, allowing you to have total control over the strategy that you want to use. Your strategy will have to evolve through the game levels, as better units will give you a better chance at surviving.