One of the best strategy game now has a sequel!

Can you defend your base while attacking the enemy camp?

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In Age of War two, the defense strategy portion of the game remains the same. You will try to keep the walls of your fortress safe while balancing between increasing the strength of your fort and upgrading the offensive battle front of your units.

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What makes age of war 2 and its predecessor so addictive is the evolution backdrop. Meaning that you get to explore the pros and cons of destroying all your units prior to evolving to the next age, or seeing how they carry over. This may not have been intentional on the developer's part, but it follows through to one of human kinds most ancient questions of whether those who cannot evolve should survive.

Collect gold and experience points every time you destroy an enemy unit, and every time one of your unit falls valiantly in battle. Use your gold to buy the necessary upgrades such as turrets, troops and even abilities. When you upgrade your skills, you will move closer to the next age which plays neatly into the technological evolution that we've seen through history. When you upgrade, you can watch how this affects your troops and your buildings.

Be strategic about how you upgrade because your enemy can upgrade too! Watch the health of your base, and remember that each age comes with a special ability that can be a game changer if you happen to need it. If your base falls, you will fail the level and will have to start again, so make sure you reach the evolution point if your base is getting low on health.